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From day one, we have been committed to putting our planet first in every decision and every stage of this business.

Our Products

Every year billions of plastic toothbrushes, toothpaste tubes and tangles of dental floss are thrown away. These are difficult to recycle and most go into landfill or watercourses ultimately ending up the sea. That is why our range doesn’t finish with our bamboo toothbrush; we’ve created a range of simple, sustainable dental care products to replace the nasty plastic ones humans have been throwing away for decades. From sustainable and ethical manufacturing processes and materials, to minimising our carbon footprint – we’ve thought through every single step.

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Our Packaging

What is the point in a biodegradable product if it comes wrapped in a load of wasteful, unsustainable packaging? Exactly. So we take packaging almost as seriously as we do our products. We have kept everything to an absolute minimum. You’ll find no wasteful flyers, no excess padding and zero plastic. Everything is biodegradable, and wherever possible we’ve sourced packaging made from recycled materials.

Our Delivery

We offer free UK delivery for all of our subscriptions and products, this is to make switching to planet-friendly toothcare as easy and as affordable as possible. Your order is then delivered to your doorstep in our minimal, zero plastic packaging via existing Royal Mail postal routes. By using existing postal routes – rather than our own couriers – we are able to reduce the carbon footprint of our products! Legend.

Members of 1% for the Planet

Every year we contribute funds to environmental non-profit organisations via 1% for the Planet – a globally recognised organisation which ensures our giving is credible and respected. Our contributions are directed around the world, alongside the charitable givings of fellow member companies.

Changing the way
we think about
everyday items.

We started Bristle to try to reduce the obscene amount of plastic wasted as a result of our dental care habits in the UK. We deal with toothcare products, it’s what we’re good at. But we’re also into other ways to reduce plastic wastage.

Check out the Eco Journal to see what else you can do to help out the planet.

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