Zero Waste Toothpaste Tabs


Fresh mint flavour – 120 tabs

Our Toothpaste Tabs are the perfect answer to zero-waste toothbrushing!

The future of planet-friendly dental care. Made by our wonderful partners at Denttabs, our Toothpaste Tabs are available in two varieties: with Fluoride and without Fluoride. (Read more in our FAQs)

Rest assured that our toothpaste tablets are just as good at cleaning your teeth as regular toothpaste. Except without any wasteful plastic tubes! So with our 100% biodegradable packaging you can now protect your teeth without the negative environmental impact.

Get a wonderful smooth, fresh feeling morning and night thanks to the invigorating minty flavour. Once you make the switch, you’ll never go back.



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Microcrystalline Cellulose – to gently and effectively polish your teeth.
Sodium Bicarbonate – combines with citric acid to create correct pH level.
Citric Acid – responsible for correct pH level.
Silica – helps with cleaning and polishing, and stabilises the tablet.
Sodium Laurel Glutamate – (soap) acts to tie the protein to the water.
Magnesium Stearate – a plant-based helper we need during the pressing of the tablets.
Natural Mint Aroma – responsible for fresh and cool breath.
Menthol – responsible for fresh and cool breath.
Stevia (Stevioside) – covers the slightly bitter taste of the silica.
Eugenol – a natural part of the mint aroma.
Sodium Fluoride – supports the re-mineralisation of your enamel (this is optional).