Bristle Toothbrush Subscription

From: £3.60 / month

Select how often you’d like us to send you a brush, and away we go!

Your new Bristle bamboo toothbrush* will be on it’s way to your doorstep within 1-3 working days, and we will keep delivering you a fresh brush at your chosen frequency until you tell us to stop. Easy! Less plastic, cleaner smile and great value. What’s not to love?

Ordering more than one toothbrush for your household? No problem! We’ll make sure each toothbrush is a different colour so you won’t need to worry about muddling them up!

NB. We will only charge you in the months that we send you a toothbrush (i.e. if you choose to have your toothbrush delivered every 2 months, you will only pay £3.70 once every 2 months).


*Colours may vary from image. Your toothbrush bristles will be either white, ocean blue, marine green or coral pink. It’s a lucky dip!



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