Bristle is an eco-company.

Choose Life.

We are at a major crossroads. Which path will you choose?

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The world is a rapidly changing place. In fact, never before in the history of human existence has technological and social change occurred at such an exceptionally fast rate. We all have extraordinary power at our fingertips in the form of modern communication technology: the ability to educate and share ideas across the world at the speed of light. We as a generation are both blessed and cursed to be born at a major crossroads in human history – we literally hold the fate of our species in our hands. We are walking towards a precipice, and have a simple choice to make: continue blindly into oblivion and take a large handful of other planetary species with us; or grow wings and fly towards a more sustainable, compassionate future. One choice is certainly a lot easier than the other, and growing wings sounds impossible. However, it’s been done before. You only need look at the achievements of humanity in times of crisis to see that when we get our shit together we can actually be quite a productive bunch.

This probably all seems a bit deep and meaningful coming from the blog of a simple bamboo toothbrush company; but the point is, Bristle is one of the very small but significant players in the emerging social change made possible by modern technology. Bristle didn’t even exist as a thought 12 months ago, we are now an established brand with a strong following and a steadily growing subscription base. Our followers are like-minded people who want to make the world a healthier place and are starting at the grassroots of their own lives, finding small changes in daily routines which will ultimately lead to a complete overhaul of societal behaviour. We are a very small cog in a large machine calling for revolution. Bristle is an eco-business formed by a team with little to no previous business experience; a team who make every business decision not based on profit, but on upholding moral principals. We believe that profit follows when a business sticks to principals of fair trade, sustainability, and strongly upheld ethical values.

There are a growing number of consumers who will choose ethics, and a growing army of small businesses ready to serve the conscious consumer. Because of this growth, the manufacture and supply of environmentally friendly alternatives is becoming cheaper and more readily available. The advent of e-commerce means that anyone can open a shop online with a little hard work and a relatively small financial investment. It’s possible to become almost immediately competitive in any market and push the market in a more positive and sustainable direction.

Have an idea for your own eco-product or environmental service? Launch it.

Want to promote change in the world and spread positive ideas? Do your research and share it.

Been thinking about developing an environmentally conscious alternative product? Go for it.

Every single one of us is the architect of human destiny. Every choice you make counts.

It’s never been easier. Let’s fly.




We started Bristle to try to reduce the obscene amount of plastic wasted as a result of our toothbrushing habits in the UK. We deal with toothbrushes, it’s what we’re good at. But we’re also into other ways to help tackle the UK’s excessive and unsustainable consumer habits. If you are in the process of starting an environmentally friendly business, and have any questions you think we may be able to help with – drop us a message! We can’t promise we can help, but we will certainly give it our best shot!

To make the switch to brushing with bamboo visit, and hit subscribe today.

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