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It’s cold outside. The rain is drizzling. So pop the kettle on and settle in for some great long reads.

The world seems to finally be waking up to the plasticy mess we have gotten ourselves into. Great stuff. So, to keep up this momentum of passion and progress, we thought we’d make a list of some of the best blogs and websites we have read so far this year. There are some amazing writers, filmmakers and bloggers out there filling the internet with fascinating stuff, so here are a few of our recent favourites…

1. Love Kernow

Love Kernow is a brilliant Cornwall-based blogger, and one of our favourite new eco-friendly lifestyle writers. Her blogs are written with real care and consideration, and offer a great incite into many of the questions we all have about trying to live a more sustainable life. This article about her investigation into simple plastic-free swaps in the bathroom is one of our favourites (an obvious bonus that she features Bristle!). Looking forward to more great tips on plastic-free alternatives!

Click here to check out the blog, or here for instagram.

love kernow


2. Breathe Think Explore

Breathe Think Explore is the brain child of Adam Zeller and Marine Dalléas, and is an eco travel blog full of fascinating articles and videos from their expeditions around the Pacific Ocean. Throughout their extensive travels they hope to “inspire people through travelling and collecting information to reflect, question and think in order to make truly responsible actions to save the oceans from plastic pollution.” Sounds pretty good to us! From advice on travelling sustainably, to a video behind the scenes of a Hiroshima incinerator(!) their site is full of great stuff to get your teeth stuck into.

Click here to check out the blog, or here for instagram.

eco travel

3. Pebble Magazine

One of our favourite discoveries for really really great articles on sustainable and slow living. The team over at Pebble Magazine have a real nack for creating content that is genuinely interesting and eye-opening. Their articles and top tips cover everything from their latest sustainable living ‘Lust List’ and favourite hidden eco travel destinations, to insightful commentaries on the most important topics in the environmentally-friendly movement. Check out their website here, and delve into the wealth of fantastic posts – you can thank us later. A few of our recent favourites include their ’11 Eco Valentine’s Escapes‘, ‘7 Ways to Reduce Your Food Waste’, and this very interesting article on the complicated arguments around replacing the take-out coffee cup.

Click here to check out their website, or here for instagram.



So there you have it – a few of the office’s favourite coffee-break reads. Got any other suggestions? Share them with us by contacting or drop us a line on Facebook.

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