Bamboo toothbrush - better than plastic


Every bamboo toothbrush purchased is one less plastic one clogging up our oceans and landfills. Find out how to keep yours minty fresh for longer!

1. Don’t brush too hard! Our bamboo toothbrushes have soft bristles and a small head as recommended by the lovely dentists. This does NOT mean you need to brush harder! Give your enamel and gums a rest from the ruthless scrub – you’ll only end up causing damage. A nice consistent, gentle massage will do the trick (make sure to keep it up for the full 2 minutes!).

2. Don’t leave your brush in liquid. You know that grim, smelly toothpaste juice stuff that collects at the bottom of your toothbrush pot? Firstly, it’s gross, get rid of it. Secondly, it does no favours to your nice new bamboo toothbrushes. Give your brush a quick dry between uses and it’ll last just as long as any plastic one!

3. Change your toothbrush regularly. It’s fairly common sense, but sometimes easy to forget. Basically, whenever your bristles start fraying and begin to resemble a bad hair day, it’s time for a new one! Everybody has different brushing techniques and habits, so we all need to replace them at different times (the average is about once every two months).

4. Dispose of your toothbrush properly! Our toothbrush handles are made of 100% biodegradable bamboo. But first, you need to remove the bristles! This is so so important, but so so easy to do! Just grab a pair of pliers or tweezers, pluck them out and pop them in the bin. Then the handle can be popped into the compost or garden waste bin! Easy!

5. Even better, repurpose your brush! The handles of our toothbrush are made of a perfectly good piece of bamboo wood. Reuse the handle in any number of ways! Get imaginative (if you have any great ideas, please do get in touch on Instagram, we love seeing what people come up with!).


To order your new Bristle toothbrushes and make the switch to brushing with bamboo, sign up here or click here to find out more.

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