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Throw away plastic has become an integral part of modern life – how do we put an end this destructive trend?

Throw away plastic has become a part of the fabric of modern life. Food packaging, coffee cups, straws, toothbrushes, and bottles are just some items in the extensive list of plastic objects thrown out on a daily basis. 275,000 tonnes of plastic are used each year in the UK – that’s about 15 million plastic bottles per day. This trend isn’t showing signs of slowing down either, in-fact, the use of plastic in western Europe is increasing by around 4% each year.

But what’s the problem? Can’t we just recycle it all?

Well most plastic simply ends up in general waste and so ultimately landfill. In-fact, it’s estimated that the average family throws out around 40kg of plastic each year which could otherwise have been recycled – but let’s assume that wasn’t the case. Let’s pretend that every piece of plastic made it to the recycling plant. Wouldn’t that be the solution to the problem? Unfortunately not. Our recycling plants would be completely overwhelmed by the amount of plastic we produce. In addition, many argue that recycling simply shifts the environmental impact into other areas of harm. The process of recycling itself contributes to climate change and posses other environmental issues.

It seems like we can’t win – but there is a simple answer to this problem: reduce your plastic footprint.

We as consumers have the power. You can make a small but significant difference simply by saying “No” to single use plastic. Support alternatives and purchase products which are reusable, biodegradable and genuinely recyclable.
Buy food which is packaged responsibly and frugally.
Purchase everyday items which don’t hurt the planet.
Think before you spend, and you can make a big difference. Do your bit and help spread the word.

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