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In an online world of endless deliveries, how do we reduce the impact of packaging?

In an online world of endless deliveries, how do we reduce the impact of packaging?

Online shopping is quick, easy and so damn convenient – it’s no wonder we’re all hooked. With delivery times getting quicker, free shipping offers and a limitless range of products online, it’s easy to see why the high-street store is being driven into extinction. But with this comes a new challenge: How do we prevent the piles and piles of postal packaging from impacting our environment?

People are getting pretty nifty at packaging their products in increasingly fancy-pants ways. From neat postal boxes with hidden flaps and wax seals; to hand-coloured, indestructible, printed pouch systems and envelopes that may as well sing you a song upon opening. The options are endless. But is it really necessary?

Do you think the cute wax-coated box your new tee came in is recyclable? Did Amazon really need to send you that 2ft wide box for the cookbook you ordered for Mum’s brthday? And that stack of flyers that fell out of your Asos parcel – will you ever read those? Nope, nope and definitely, nope.

That’s why we decided to scrap the posh, unnecessarily-cutesie packaging for our Bristle Bamboo Toothbrushes. Just a simple, practical envelope. It’s fully recyclable, perfectly protective and beautifully reliable. No glitter or sparkles or hidden flyers. Just one, single recyclable envelope. Ground-breaking idea eh?

We did our research, so we thought we’d share our top picks for eco-friendly packaging for those that were interested…

  1. Eco-Craft | have a fab range of packaging all made from recycled paper. Nice one.
  2. London Bio Packaging | perfect solution for recycled food and beverage packaging.
  3. Pro Packaging | great for biodegradable protective packaging.

To order your new Bristle toothbrush and make the switch to brushing with bamboo, sign up here or click here to find out more.

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